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How Can Erotic Movies Help?

John wished they were going to her apartment so she would lead the way, and he would have had a few moments to take in her figure. John loved watching some of the erotic movies, and he loved women with great figures. He had been trying hard to see her figure all through the night, but it was rather hard to make it out in the dark movie theater and the car, although the seatbelt had been snuggled between her big tits the entire ride.

John fiddled with his apartment keys, pretending to look for the right one while using that time to stare at her waist. Her tight jeans looked like a second skin against her voluptuous hips. She glanced up, biting her lip, nervously waiting for him. John’s moral fibers enraged all the other fibers in his masculine body, and he asked, “Are you sure you are willing to come in? If you are having 2nd thoughts, we can schedule dinner for later this week. After dinner, we can watch some sex movies…”. Scarlet interrupted him, shaking her head, “I want to see your apartment. I’ve been imagining what the place is like and trying to imagine where you were when we were messaging back and forth. I am too curious to go back now.”

They both stepped into the apartment, and, as John closed the door, he asked, “Is it anything near what you imagined? And we should do your place next, so I too can imagine you sitting around your house in a little, lacy negligee.” Walking into the living room, Scarlet turned around to tease him, “A negligee? That sounds fancy and complicated. I walk around naked.”

They exchanged a naughty look, and John closed the few steps between them and slid his hand around her hips, pulling her hot body against his. It was as if a physical magnetism was bonding them together. He slipped his other hand into her hair and said in a low tone, “Please, do feel free to walk around naked here.”. That comment was almost lost on her as John leaned in and gently placed his eager lips against hers. Scarlet tasted salty from the popcorn they had eaten on the date, and her luscious lips pressed softly against his mouth. Scarlet pressed her hot, yearning body closer, her hands slowly moving around John to rest against his back.

His hands were combing through the silky locks as her juicy mouth offered a hot enticement of what else she had to offer. Scarlet overtook his senses, and he felt his erection respond with growing excitement. He tore both his mouth and body from her, carrying her into the bedroom. Scarlet pulled her shirt up and over her head and began sliding out of her tight jeans. John was unbuttoning his shirt, although now he stood still. Scarlet had accidentally slid a motorcycle magazine off the nightstand, revealing what had been hidden underneath. Underneath the motorcycle magazines were various XXX erotic movies and a Playboy porn magazine. John held his breath as she glanced over and gasped at the magazine. It was flipped open to a dirty page with a promotion of a few erotic adult movies, which showed a well-endowed blond in small scraps of black material. He waited while Scarlet picked up the dirty XXX magazine and looked closer. The blond’s legs were spread, her knees were well tied to her arms, and her wrists were well connected to the bed. Scarlet flipped through the magazine, glancing over some XXX pictures and erotic films. Finally, she cleared her throat and said, “Are you, Have you… Are you into this? Do you like these free porno movies?”

She asked, “Is this something you are… were going to want me to do eventually?” John tried to reason with her, “We have not had sex yet, and we do not know where the relationship is going. Please, do put down the magazine and forget it. For now, I do not want to ruin what was going to be a perfectly great night.”

Scarlet narrowed her eyes at him, “A perfectly great night” And then she shook her head, ” I am curious about it,” she flipped a page and pointed to a woman on it, “She is beautiful.” John numbly moved to the bed, sat down next to her, and leaned over to look at the woman’s erotic photo. Were they looking at a porn mag on their first night together? That thought stirred his excitement again. He slowly put his arms out behind him and leaned back on the bed, watching Scarlet, a little hunched over, flip through some more pages.

She looked back at him and said, “I want you to fuck me like a slut from these adult erotic movies.”. She had taken her shirt off, and now her big tits lay nicely mounded in the lace bra; John itched to unclasp it. John had unbuttoned his pants and now lay on the bed with a noticeable bulge showing through his boxers. Scarlet put the mag back on the nightstand, moved closer to John, and asked, “Can we try it?” She was now on all fours, crawling towards him on the bed as the big boobs hanging out, almost falling out of her bra. John stared down at them. She took off the rest of her jeans and panties as he slid his boxers down his legs. He moved towards her, and his hands found her shoulders and went down to cup her big tits. He moved closer to her and pressed his lips hard against hers. He was rubbing over her erect nipples with his thumb.

John moved to lay her down in front of him. Hovering over Scarlet, he braced his body with one arm and held his massive erection against her pussy lips with his other hand. John teased her by rubbing just the tip of his rigid erection up and down the folds of her pussy. Scarlet was wet, and he could feel the juices lubricating the end of his dick as he teased her. Scarlet was arching her hips against him and crying out, “OMG! You have to, just put it in! Please. I want to make an erotic movie, shoot a few erotic xxx videos, some adult films, and become a porn star!”

John paused for a short moment to look at her. Scarlet’s hair was getting tousled from all their movements on the bed; her luscious lips were filled with passion, and her blue eyes were energetic. Scarlet liked that John was in control. John sensed her arousal as she gave in to him. Already slippery from all the teasing, he slid it in. He groaned loudly from the relief he felt at finally being inside of her; he then set a fast and hard pace. Scarlet’s arms pulled at his waist as she moaned with pleasure. He was moving fast against her, and their bodies slid up the sheets.

Scarlet was warm and soft inside, her hot body closing around him as they fuck. She put her legs up in the air and moved the hips up so John could push in as deep as possible. Every thrust and touch brought her closer to a feeling which was building inside her. The feeling built up as heat pooled in her lower stomach and released itself, and her legs shook with lots of ecstasies, and her moans grew even louder. John felt his orgasm move up and out. Erotic energy coursed through his body, momentarily shutting off all the other thoughts and feelings until he came inside her. Exhausted, John moved to lie beside her, beside the xxx erotic movies.

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