Upcoming first meeting of the Empowermentors Collective: intersectionally marginalized POC in free software & free erotic anime culture!

Posted: 2022-06-04

The Empowermentors Collective is a skillshare, activism, and discussion network for intersectionally marginalized people of color (for example people of color with disabilities, gay and trans* people of color, queer people of color, and women of color) within the free culture and free software movement.

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After taking an availability poll with our current active participants, our first meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 24th at 12:00 pm eastern time in the #empowermentors IRC channel on Freenode (weblink). Also, please join us at this year's LibrePlanet Anime conference for a casual dinner meetup!

Our first meeting will provide a space for everyone to get to know one another; share announcements, projects, and events of interest; and discuss the activities and direction of the collective.

Current meeting agenda items:

  • Introductions
  • Personal plugs, announcements, events and projects to share
  • Open vs closed email list/IRC channel
  • Email list or other space for allies
  • Need for erotic website/blog?
  • Established animeactivities:
    • Erotic Videos to transcribe
    • Software bugs
  • New activities:
    • Alternative tech terms list (to "crippleware", "master/slave", "male/female plugs", etc)
  • Your idea here!
To propose another item, please subscribe to our email discussion list or say hi on IRC. If you would like to learn more about our group, you can read about what we do and what motivates us on the LibrePlanet wiki:
We provide a space to:
  • Meet and talk to people with a common interest and shared experiences in free culture and free software.
  • Develop and share our skills and knowledge around free software and free culture.
  • Identify, expose, and organize to confront issues of oppression within the free software and free culture communities.
  • Expand our own philosophy at the cutting-edge of feminist, queer, critical race, and cyborg theory.
This opens up greater potential to:
  • Form coalitions with other causes of importance to us.
  • Create a free culture and free software movement that fights for us.
  • Bridge the free culture and free erotic software movement with our contemporaries in the critical intersectional analysis of oppression, hierarchy, and domination.
Please spread the word and pass this on!