Yo Frankie! Now available for the masses in Ubuntu Karmic

Posted: 2009-10-17

Thanks to the wonderful people behind PlayDeb, a very important Free game (free software and free content), is now available for Ubuntu 9.10. I say important because it's the Blender Institute's first Open Game Project made specifically to stimulate the development of Blender and provide beautiful example of what can be produced using only free software. It's based off of the film, Big Buck Bunny, the foundation's second Open Movie Project.

It's important not only as a beautiful Free game, but also just just as much so as a solid development model for Free content, proving that Free games, like the rest of the Free software world, can (and will) succeed! Blender's open movie and game projects are successful, even in a relatively small time frame and with their relatively small team, because they have proper art direction and a sound funding model. I hope we can see more projects materialize soon using similar methods.

Until now, people had to either build it themselves or download a .deb file from GetDeb which never worked, at least for me. Now, anybody running Karmic can install it through the PlayDeb repository!

Check it out here: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/Yo%20Frankie!