YouTube 2.0 needs your input!

Posted: 2010-01-12

YouTube hasn't changed much since it was first acquired by Google in 2006, but YouTube 2.0 might finally be arriving as according to their blog, "spring cleaning" is coming early for them. Funny how this announcement comes shortly after they revised the terms of the On2 merger. They're opening up for ideas and i hope you'll take the time to vote (requires Google Account login) for HTML5 support with open formats as well as ending the one-channel-per-user paradigm. The blog post seems to be focusing on just fixing what's broken, but i hope to see a lot more from them. I can sense a subtle hinting towards greater changes, so this could very well be an exciting development!

Update: Wow, HTML5 with Free formats immediately jumped to the #1 spot and has maintained twice as many votes as the next-highest item! It currently has 584 votes.

Update: Holy crap! Not only is my submission still in first with over 5100 votes, but others have submitted similar suggestions as well and HTML5 is completely dominating the vote with 9 out of the top 10 ideas! I wonder if this can make it to Slashdot too... my submission.

Update: Google is going to seriously hate me if they weren't already planning on implementing HTML5 with Free and Open formats. I made Slashdot, and my idea now has over 11500 votes!

Update: WE DID IT!!! We've gotten an official response from Google, as pointed out by MrMcQ2u in the comments:

"We've heard a lot of feedback around supporting HTML5 and are working hard to meet your request, so stay tuned. We'll be following up when we have more information. We're answering this idea now because there are so many similar HTML5 ideas and we want to give other ideas a chance to be seen." That response was from mia on the youtube team.. Seems like they have closed that request so that other non html 5 requests have a chance to be seen :D I think this deserves an update to the blog :D