Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ubunchu! on BBC Radio and other exciting news

First i'd like to say that anyone who wants to follow this blog only for updates on the Ubuntu at Anime Boston campaign can filter out all of the unrelated posts by subscribing to the "Ubuntu" tag.

Our local team leader, Martin Owens, was just interviewed by BBC Radio Live’s Pods and Blogs show where he talked about Ubuntu, the Ubunchu manga, and the up and coming Anime Boston event.

In other exciting news:
  • We've been slashdotted
  • There is a new website for Ubunchu at http://www.ubunchu.net/
  • Chapter 3 of Ubunchu has been released in Japanese and the translating, transcribing, and editing process has begun
  • We are on track to surpass our initial fundraising goal thanks to many generous donors
  • We have at least one hardware supplier to provide us with demo machines at the event
I'll post updates for more details on these developments and more!