Sorry Reddit, i was called out on my blogspam in person!

Posted: 2009-09-10

I just got back from the Boston sub-reddit meetup, and it was incredible! I expected us to have a table with maybe 20 redditors tops, but we had an entire room reserved for us and upwards of 40 people showed up! Great success and thanks to everyone who came-- we must organize another one of these in the future.

Anyways, while i was there, a couple guys recognized my handle, and called me out on spamming their, and related, sub-Reddits with my blog posts. Not in a horribly confrontational way at all-- it was very entertaining actually-- but i made this promise to them on my way out, and it extends to all of you as well: i will not be submitting any more links to posts from this blog on Reddit. I'd gotten a little carried away with submitting many of my posts at once across multiple related subreddits, so i'm sorry about that! From now on, i'll only be depending on you guys my agents to submit my posts for me.