Monday, June 08, 2009

What ever happened to P2P Streaming Media?

To cite this article from 2002:
First there was AM. Then FM. Now, the next evolution in radio broadcast technology could very well be "P2P."

What could be even more controversial than Internet radio/audio broadcasting--which has made headlines this year over the issue of royalty payments--and P2P file sharing? Probably the merging together of these banes of the music industry.
It is now almost seven years later and P2P radio is nowhere to be seen. A few projects have popped up, but seems to have died. PeerCast and FreeCast haven't had a new release since 2007 and 2006 respectively. Then there is IceShare which never even got off the ground.

With streaming to overtake downloads, at least in music, the need for P2P streaming media systems is even greater. The potential is huge. Anyone could start their own internet radio or TV station from their own computer using P2P technology. So i ask all of you, why have these projects died, and how do we get this back off the ground?