Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Ubuntu Gaming Team Meeting

Since first announcing the Ubuntu Gaming Team (wiki, LP), there has been a lot of interest as well as backlash from the community. Many concerns arose out of surprise and confusion. Namely, there were fears that we were trying to replace the Debian Games Team when, in fact, we state on our team pages that we are a marketing and advocacy effort that does not engage in packaging, development, or programming with links to both the aformentioned Debian team as well as Freedesktop Games.

We've recieved a number of ideas to get us started and are happy to announce our first meeting which will take place on July 26th at 19:00 UTC in #ubuntu-gaming ( I encourage anyone interested to attend. The agenda includes the following:
  • Defining our team
    • Address concerns
    • Go over goals, purpose, and scope
  • Technical discussions
  • Projects
    • Ubuntu Gaming Clan
      • Play cross-platform FOSS games with an Ubuntu gamer tag
      • Organization
      • What games?
    • Fundraisers
      • How often
      • How to elect games
      • How to collect and distribute funds
    • Tournaments and Matches
      • What games?
      • How to organize
    • New ideas
      • Propose new projects
  • Future meetings
    • How often?
  • Jobs
    • Projects leaders - Lead specific projects
    • Meetings Coordinator(s) - Update google calendar and wiki for meetings, manage agenda, and record proceedings
    • Co-team leader - Help DPic manage the team
    • Others?
  • Closing
    • Ending questions & comments
Please feel free to contribute to the agenda located on the meeting minutes page. Meeting notes and the IRC log will be made available on the same page.